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SDMO Industries stands out as the world's 3rd largest company in the market for power generating sets. Decades of increasing expertise in the power market through its international experience

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Africa's power problems have escalated into a crisis affecting 30 African countries. This tolls heavily on economic growth and productivity.Click here for African Development Bank Group Analysis

Let’s overcome the today’s exceptional energy challenges thanks’ to SDMO unique experience and SSP support around Ghana. SDMO Industries develop its solutions for all sectors where power is needed. To get the best value from your investments, take an efficient approach to purchasing energy. We can help you make the right investment with SDMO customized energy solutions.

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For more information and quotes contact mathieu.castre@gbh.fr / +233 540 115 810


Nepal: Solidarity to the victims

Help us support the victims of the earthquake in the Langtang Region.


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